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Posted on 2011.02.23 at 21:59
Mid winter's eve, mid week in October.
Saw a church yard, green star-dust blowin' all over,
and it snowed all over the city.
Amsterdam's fog's so pretty
And it snowed, all over the city.

We were so warm, inside.
Though she's sure she had nothing to hide
By the window, by the bed,
there was something said and the morning was coming so,
so slowly.
With her orchard breath in bloom.

She's coming so soon.
So soon.

Ah, I, I was standing there,
at the top of the stairs.
It didn't feel cold.
and how should I know we were going nowhere.
When we said good-bye,
I saw some look in your eye
which was known like the skies
for being so innocence.
And walking away without turning around
I'm struggling to make it all seem so profound.

I must have been lost around the time that I found you.

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